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Meal prepping has been the key to my 100+ pound weight loss success, and I’ve been sticking to it weekly for nearly 7 years. My method is to keep things simple, yet delicious by taking my favorite dishes and making them healthier. So many recipes require a ton of ingredients and prep work, and they usually don’t translate into something that can be eaten for multiple days at a time. 

This cookbook contains a few of my favorite basic meals. You’ll find 4 breakfast, 4 lunch, 4 dinner, and 4 snack ideas that could potentially get you through a whole month of meal prep.

Easy, simple recipes that can be tailored to your specific needs and tastes. Each recipe is paired with a shopping list and a video showing how to make each dish, in real time, and with real life advice from someone who continues to live their weight loss journey every day. 

You should always consult with a medical doctor, nurse, or other certified health professional before starting any diet, exercise, or any kind of health plan.

Stay Motivated, Informed 

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