Small Habits for

Big Change


I’m Amanda, and I’d love to be your nutrition and mindset coach!

After spending most of my life obese, a decade of yo-yo dieting, and finally finding a method that helped me to lose and maintain a 100+ pound weight loss, I’ve dedicated my life to helping others on their journey. 

Certified by NASM as a Weight Loss Specialist and Behavior Change Specialist, and by Precision Nutrition as a Nutrition Coach, my objective is to help you build a healthy relationship with food and yourself, be more confident, feel happier, and be comfortable in your body, while most likely losing weight in the process.

Certified by:

I can help you build long-lasting healthy habits and behaviors, and not feel restricted, while enjoying your life!

But this is not a 30-day shred.
This is a lifestyle change.

I make no promises of a quick “fix” or immediate “before and after” success pictures. I personally don’t find those methods leading to long-term success. They only perpetuate the yo-yo diet cycle. 

If getting shredded is your goal, that’s amazing! I have other coaches I’d be happy to recommend. And if you’re looking for nutritional advice on any medical conditions, I’m also not your gal. I can also recommend a good registered dietitian.

I’m here if you feel stuck. If you don’t know how to start. If you’ve tried every fad diet with no lasting success. If you blame your willpower or stress for your lack of success. If you feel like you’re destined to live in a body you hate forever. If you feel like you’ve done everything “right” in the past, and it just doesn’t work. If you’re constantly starting and stopping.

I’m excited to be your accountability partner! I know what you’re going through, and I’m here to support and guide you. I’m about helping you create a healthy life that you love, in your skin, and on your terms.

While I’m happy to be your coach, at the end of the day, it’s your accountability and ability to keep going when things feel off course or feel uncomfortable, that will make or break your success. You MUST be ready to change and put in the effort. 

You must be willing to do what it takes and drop the excuses to change your life and get healthy.

You deserve to live a life where you feel genuinely happy. You deserve to feel comfortable and confident in your skin.

Coaching Includes:

Here are some of the things included with your commitment to my nutrition and mindset coaching:

Personalized Nutrition Guidelines

Based on you, your goals, lifestyle and preferences. You’ll never eat anything you don’t like, and you won’t be restricted from your favorite foods. We’ll create a personal plan that you’ll enjoy. Because if you don’t enjoy it … you won’t do it!

Healthier, Long-Life Habits

And a healthier relationship with food.

Small, Managable Goals

Learn how to break things up yourself.

Stop Yo-Yo Dieting

And stop the on-again/off-again mentality.

Healthy Lifestyle vs. Dieting

Learn the difference.

Emotional Support

From someone who has lived/is living through this.


That is flexible and understanding, but with tough love.

Healthy Recipes

Fun and exciting recipes for you to try that aren’t boring or restricting.

Private Community Access

Access to a private community of others who are also on a similar journey to achieve similar goals.

Monthly Incentives

Access to monthly incentives to help reach your goals

Meal Prepping Advice

Meal prepping advice that you can actually follow.

Meal Prepping Cookbook

A free copy of my meal prep cookbook, Bite This!

Nutrition Guide

A free copy of my simple guide to nutrition, First Bites! 

Weekly Check-Ins

And daily online access to open communication.

Stop putting it off!

Real change starts now!

So let’s do this! It won’t be easy. No more “diet starts on Monday.” But it will be worth it! I’m here to help.

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