Amanda Valentine Bites


Amanda Valentine Bites


Amanda Valentine Bites


Listen Up!

Pound This® is here help educate, motivate, and entertain you on your weight loss journey.

In this podcast, you’ll find everything from diet, nutrition, exercise, meal prep, fitness, wellness, workouts, life coaching, and mental health advice from experts, as well as from someone who has lived through it all and who can show you how a healthy lifestyle can actually be fun.

Amanda Valentine is down over 100 pounds and maintaining — all through healthy lifestyle changes she made after a lifetime of obesity and yo-yo dieting.

What Listeners are Saying

Most inspirational woman I’ve ever met! 🙂 

Amanda’s podcast are always on point! She has a way of keeping it real and raw. I love listening to her! she is motivational, inspiring and just fun to listen too. She answers my questions on instagram within the same day. Thank you Amanda for keeping it real and helping me through some of my hardest weight loss days!


My morning routine 

Every morning during the week when I’m getting ready for work, I listen to Amanda’s podcast. She is always so positive and have great information for those of us who are on a weight loss journey. Listening to her podcast is like having a conversation with your best friend and workout buddy.


This is some real stuff right here! 

Amanda is hilarious. Her laugh is infectious. If you need help living a healthy lifestyle and losing weight, you’ve definitely came to the right place. She knows what it’s like to overcome and beat obesity and she wants to help others! Thanks for putting out awesome content!

Darth Cutie